-  Graphic: Let it Fleet

Graphic: Let it Fleet

Wim Buzzi  -

Wim Buzzi

An all-new Europe-based fleet consultancy group, Let it Fleet, was unveiled on Oct. 5, 2020 and will provide advice in regards to the three major pillars of fleet: process, procurement, and people.

The consultancy group will offer clients a list of opportunities and a recommended strategic roadmap, completed with a savings and risk assessment and key success factors for a successful roll-out.

The consultancy group's  service offerings include the following: 

  • Process, which covers data and process mapping, car policy, strategy design, and innovation & CSR. Let it Fleet will focus on a modern signature service for this pillar.
  • Procurement, which will address sourcing RFI/RFP, e-Auction, SLA & KPI, contract management, and TCO expertise. 
Alain Duez  -

Alain Duez

  • People, which will cover recruitment support, interim management, coaching, change & transition, and training. For this, Let it Fleet will offer tailor made training & coaching programs and assistance for interim management solutions.

Let it Fleet was co-founded by two European-based fleet industry veterans, Wim Buzzi and Alain Duez. 

Buzzi gained fleet experience as European fleet manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises; CRO West Europe at FleetLogistics; and as a fleet sales manager at FCA. Has been active in the fleet industry for more than 15 years.

Meanwhile, Duez has more than 30 years experience of which 27 years as procurement director at Accenture. He has a strong focus on strategy with in-depth expertise in fleet & mobility, and was a Fleet Europe Award winner for Mobility & Innovation.

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