- Photo: SEA Electric

Photo: SEA Electric

ORIX Fleet Management has helped SEA Electric launch its electric vehicle truck for an Australian-based construction, roadworks, and aggregate supplier company.

The SEA Hino 917 EV will be used by Fulton Hogan, the large infrastructure company, as a maintenance truck in a local city council in Melbourne, Australia at the City of Port Phillip. This SEA Electric EV truck will be first fully electric maintenance vehicle introduced to their fleet

“We share SEA Electrics’ ambition to identify and implement environmentally sustainable solutions that support organisational requirements. ORIX is extremely proud to have worked with long-standing client, Fulton Hogan, on this electric vehicle,” said Scott Thorpe, general manager, sales and marketing, ORIX.

The commercial electric vehicle has zero emissions for improved carbon footprint and saves significant costs with reduced fuel and lower maintenance costs, according to the company. The electric truck also has outlets for power tools to be used roadside, powered off the EV trucks’ battery.

The electric truck is built on a Hino 917 platform however, future orders can be adapted to most OEM glider platforms. Powered by the SEA-Drive 100 power-system with a 100kWh battery capacity, which produces 108kW maximum power.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet