-  Graphic: Dataforce.

Graphic: Dataforce.

Registrations for fleets in Switzerland were down year-over-year in November by 4%, but the declines were less significant than seen in previous months through 2020, and reached the highest point of the year, according to Dataforce.

The top three fleet models for November were the Volkswagen Passat, the BMW X1, and Skoda Octavia, Dataforce reported. Within the top 10 fleet models, the Toyota Yaris and the Peugeot 308 were also popular among Swiss fleet managers, showing an overall trend towards smaller fleet vehicles for November. 

For top light commercial vehicle brands, Citroen and Peugeot had strong showings in the true fleet market. However, November was even more successful for Renault, which was up 98.3%. 

However, registration for car rental companies remains difficult, whose numbers in November were again 48.2% below those of the same month last year.

Meanwhile, there was a 9% decline for passenger cars, as 22,000 fewer new passenger cars were registered in Switzerland during the same time last year.

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