The legacy German brand Opel is moving forward with its plan to provide robust eco-friendly vehicles by expanding its electric model portfolio with the ambitious goal of total battery-electric vehicles by 2028. Opel plans to enter China, the largest automotive market in the world, as a purely electric brand. The Opel Manta’s comeback is nearly complete as a purely electric car.

Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller spoke at the digital Stellantis EV Day 2021 event, announcing, “As of 2028, Opel will only offer electric cars in our core market of Europe, clearly [showing] the commitment of the Opel brand to electric mobility.

“The future of the automotive industry is electric, and Opel is part of that,” he said. Lohscheller also said that Opel is on a journey to reinventing itself and hopes to transform the company into a young, green, and global brand.

“Opel is moving from cold to cool,” he continued, “and we are heading towards a net zero CO2 future as CO2 is the new currency in our industry.”

Lohscheller said that he’s excited for the brand to return to China and that more details will be forthcoming in the future. “China is the largest automotive market in the world and we are sure that we’ll grow profitably there. Chinese customers can look forward to our products and our emotional German brand.”

Opel will also be reinventing the Manta after phenomenal feedback when it presented the new-look vehicle as the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD.

“The Manta is a real icon in our brand’s history and an inspiration for its future,” Lohscheller said. “We will bring a new Manta into serial production by mid-decade. Purely electric, of course,” he added.

Opel already will have nine electrified models on offer this year and the rest of its portfolio will be electrified by 2024.