Leasys has made a series of changes to its leadership teams, including appointing a new chief executive officer. The key appointment is Rolando D'Arco, who is the new CEO of Leasys SpA, a subsidiary of the FCA Bank, effective December 2021.

D’Arco brings with him a wide-ranging knowledge of the automotive consumer credit, rental and mobility sector, thanks to the experience gained in the FCA Bank Group.

He has been director of sales and marketing at Leasys, and has held country manager positions with the FCA Bank in Portugal and France. Most recently he was head of European markets & business development at FCA Bank.

In his new role he will report directly to Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank Group and chairman of Leasys. As yet, there is no word on a new role within the Stellantis-owned brand for Alberto Grippo, the former CEO of Leasys.

There have been additional changes to the French and UK markets.


Jean-Mathieu Stevens, head of European markets & sales at Leasys SpA, will be will be reporting to Pietro Nardi, who has been appointed country manager for Leasys in France, while James Birch takes up the same position for Leasys in the UK. We can expect further appointments for Denis Vitellaro and Sebastiano Fedrigo—the former heads of Leasys France and UK, respectively—shortly.