Bridgestone Fleetcare combines both tire and fleet management into one package.  -  Bridgestone

Bridgestone Fleetcare combines both tire and fleet management into one package.


Tire maker Bridgestone has partnered with leading European fleet management firm Webfleet to deliver Fleetcare.

A development of its previously available product Total Tire Care, Fleetcare wraps combines both tire management and fleet management in one package.

Bridgestone says the benefits are reduced total cost of ownership for fleets, less downtime, and better regulator compliance thanks to predictive maintenance based on connected data.

Aimed at managers of commercial vehicle fleets seeking a comprehensive and modular solution package Bridgestone says Fleetcare adds cost control and automation into the daily workflow of a fleet manager.

Commenting on the Fleetcare launch, Mark Tejedor, Bridgestone EMIA’s VP commercial replacement and OE, said:

“Cost-efficiency, convenience and sustainability are the three big priorities for fleets right now. When utilizing many service providers, it is always a challenge to get the maximum effect on each of those priorities. We understand this is a key pain point for fleet owners and operators, which is why we’ve evolved Total Tire Care into Fleetcare, an integrated solution for all tire and fleet management needs.

“Thru the launch of Fleetcare, we’re providing a unique and modular solution that addresses so many key business needs, from cost to compliance, from safety to sustainability. Fleetcare will help fast forward the businesses of our fleet customers thanks to the synergies between our proven fleet management and tyre management solutions.”

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