Headquartered in Coventry, United Kingdom, with research and manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.K. and in Austria, China, Brazil, India, and Slovakia (under construction), Jaguar Land Rover offers a comprehensive lineup of premium vehicles and aftersales support to fleet customers worldwide.

Having already established itself as a fleet player in the U.K. and key international markets, in 2013, Jaguar Land Rover created their International Sales Team, a group of fleet executives, experts, and analysts working within the manufacturer’s Global Fleet & Business function. The International Sales Team is dedicated to helping global fleet managers meet the challenges of operating cost-effective, eco-conscious fleets in markets all over the world.

As Global Sales Manager Emil Gaynor explains, “We currently sell in 137 markets internationally, with fleet personnel stationed in all key markets throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australasia. When we create a global agreement with a fleet customer, if they encounter an issue in a market, we can engage the local fleet manager quickly to find a solution.” 

Global Pursuits

Gaynor brings a global perspective and nearly 30 years of industry experience to his work with global fleet clients. A neighbor’s Jaguar XJ and a toy Range Rover Vogue served as early introductions to Jaguar Land Rover, which he joined at a moment of transition. As part of a growth strategy, Jaguar Land Rover decided to expand upon their success in the global retail and U.K. fleet divisions and become a significant international fleet player.

To develop an international fleet sales strategy the International Sales Team sought input and advice from global, regional, and local-market experts, setting the template for their structure and division of labor. Jaguar Land Rover’s global fleet customers have direct access to the manufacturer at all three levels.

“Once an international customer is signed, our local fleet managers look after the customers locally,” Gaynor says. Local representatives remain in regular contact with Jaguar Land Rover and its fleet customers. “This ensures that we can react appropriately to opportunities and resolve problems as quickly as possible.”

 TCO and CO2

Onboarding new global fleet clients requires the International Sales Team to understand each company’s history, its scope of operations, how they source their vehicles, and how their fleet is composed. From there, the discussion turns to Jaguar Land Rover, its products, and its value proposition.

While Jaguar Land Rover is relatively new to international fleet, its brands boast a class-competitive total cost of ownership (TCO), and 78 of the company’s vehicle derivatives produce less than 130 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer.

To keep their vehicles’ TCO within class-leading benchmarks, Jaguar Land Rover’s engineers consider cost at every stage of the design and development. For every performance attribute, such as service and repair, a TCO target is assigned. The total of the TCO targets is benchmarked against the best in class competitor, and if they can’t meet or beat the standard, it’s back to the drawing board.

“It takes many years and various gateways to development, and at each gateway, the attribute has to meet its TCO target,” Gaynor explains. “One target can offset another, but the total target must be met.”

Research and Development

Jaguar Land Rover’s efforts to drive down the cost of ownership and minimize emissions for global fleets are driven by the company’s legacy of technological innovation. Today, that legacy is carried forward by massive investments in multiple research and development centers. Jaguar Land Rover are currently developing electrification, hybridization, aluminum-intensive platform design, and autonomous driving, but innovation is not limited to in-vehicle systems. For example, one Jaguar Land Rover subsidiary, InMotion, was set up to serve as an investment vehicle for mobility startups.

“We are seeing a shift toward the mobility concept, particularly in the international fleet arena,” Gaynor says. “Many fleet managers are being renamed as ‘mobility managers,’ and we work with them to provide a holistic transportation solution.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s International Sales Team stand ready to meet the sales and service needs of any company that seeks the cachet of a distinctive premium brand and the benefits of a cost-effective and carbon-conscious fleet.

“Our eyes are fixed firmly on the future,” Gaynor says. “Having bolstered our headcount in every market, we are now a fully global fleet player with a global fleet portfolio.”

To learn more about Jaguar Land Rover’s Fleet & Business Services division and the International Sales Team, visit fleet-business.jaguarlandrover.com.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet