SKF TraX WEM monitors wheel end vibration and temperature. 
 -  SKF

SKF TraX WEM monitors wheel end vibration and temperature.


SKF announced that its TraX Wheel End Monitor can now be integrated with a heavy-duty truck’s existing telematics or operated as a smart mobile device application to monitor wheel-end health.

The SKF TraX WEM is a sensor unit installed on the wheels of heavy-duty vehicles to intelligently monitor wheel end vibration and temperature to detect any potential issues.

For heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, the SKF TraX WEM is integrated with existing Truck-Lite Road Ready telematics systems via its SmartBridge Integrator (SBI).

The SKF TraX WEM notifies fleet maintenance and the driver in advance via wireless communication of any potential wheel end condition that could compromise performance and safety. In the event of detected bearing vibration, notification is typically made thousands of miles before likely service interruption.

Commercial vehicle customers who are not using telematic providers may download and subscribe to the SKF TraX app to check wheel end status and receive alerts on their iOS-based mobile platforms.

“The SKF TraX WEM helps prevent unscheduled downtime by carefully monitoring each wheel end’s vibration and temperature,” said Cengiz Shevket, vice president of innovation and customer value for the Americas for SKF. “By detecting a potential problem in advance, fleets can avoid costly repairs, damaged reputations and traffic hazards. The SKFTraX WEM not only saves money, but also lives.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info