Zipcar has launched nstant Access, which enables new members to access a car with a smartphone and drive within minutes of joining, providing on-demand flexibility for essential trips.

With Instant Access, new members joining Zipcar online will have their identity confirmed by matching a valid driver’s license with a “selfie” submitted by the member. Within minutes, an eligible member will be reviewed and, if approved, can instantly access Zipcar vehicles across the U.S. using a smartphone.

“Shortening the time it takes from joining Zipcar to booking a vehicle has been one of our members’ biggest requests, and we are proud that we can now make that possible"  Zipcar President Tracey Zhen said in a statement. "Bringing people more immediate access to reliable and cost-effective transportation has never been more important, as urbanites face new economic challenges and uncertainty in pandemic-times.”

Through Instant Access, members can now have on-demand, self-service access to a Zipcar within minutes, utilizing only their smartphone. Zipcar will continue to send Zipcards to members and recommends always having a Zipcard on hand in the event a phone is not charged or connected.

Up until this point, Zipcar has primarily utilized RFID-enabled Zipcards to enable members to access its fleet.

Zipcar, considered an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic, has adjusted its offerings to meet members’ needs for affordable, on-demand access to a vehicle during the crisis. In select cities, Zipcar has recently introduced Dedicated Zipcar, which offers exclusive use of the same vehicle for five or seven days a week, and a Stay Local Plan, which offers up to 50% reduced hourly rates plus a fee for mileage as a cost-efficient option for short-distance local trips.

To help support healthcare organizations and providers during the COVID-19 crisis, Zipcar is now also offering a monthly Dedicated Zipcar discount through June 30, as well as a dedicated fleet to provide healthcare organizations exclusive 24/7 access to vehicles for their employees’ use.

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