The new Skoda Vision 7S represents a bold step forward for the Czech manufacturer.   -  Photo: Skoda

The new Skoda Vision 7S represents a bold step forward for the Czech manufacturer. 

Photo: Skoda

Skoda has offered a glimpse of its electrical future in the new seven-seater Vision 7S, a vehicle the Czech automaker says combines new styling, functionality, and authenticity - three of the brand's core virtues.

The Vision 7S is the first of the manufacturer's new vehicles to feature the company's Tech-Deck Face front end, noted by a massive bumper with seven vertical slats; the middle slat features an orange acent, and the wide flat grille is surrounded by new T-shaped headlights on the far sides of the front deck.

The rear follows suit, with T-shaped taillights matching the front headlights, as well as another row of vertical slats. The Vision 7S sits on large 22-inch wheels with a sleek, aerodynamic design. The roofline slopes backward and features a roof spoiler, and the Vision 7S is the first Skoda model with a matte body color.

The interior mimics other Skoda design forms, with a minimalistic layout and embedded smart technology/solutions. Suicide doors reveal a roomy space with seats for up to seven passengers, and most of the interior materials are sourced sustainably. The entire cabin is leather-free; the floor is made from recycled tires, the fabrics from recycled polyester yarns. 

The Vision 7S takes inspiration from the Modular Electrification Toolkit platform and previews Skoda's new brand identity. The SUV is powered by an electric powertrain with an 89-kWh battery pack within the floor, and - most notably - Skoda promises up to 373 miles (600 kilometers) of range and rapid charging up to 200 kilowatts. 

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